About Us

About George...

Hi I’m George! I am Joan’s key collaborator in All About Uniforms, although some people would say partners in crime!!!

I have worked with Joan for over 10 years at the uniform shop at Avondale School and still marvel at her enthusiasm, how she genuinely cares and is prepared to go the extra mile when it is needed. It is not just a uniform shop, it is a buzzing hive of activity and has given me the ideal opportunity to do what I love most – helping people.

I have three kids 15, 14 and 12 years and they attend two different schools. Keeping them looking respectable in their school uniforms is a constant challenge and potentially expensive, especially when I am not able to utilise hand me downs that still have good wear in them.

At times I feel like a single mum as my husband’s work takes him away for large chunks of time. I know what it is like to juggle a few jobs and take full care of the kids. I still try to find time to volunteer at the school as I know I bring a lot of energy to get in and just get things done.

I don’t enjoy being in large shopping centres with crowds of people and would much prefer to be out on the water having fun with my family. I grew up in Tasmania and have lived in NSW in the local area for the past 17 years.

For me All About Uniforms is my chance to continue doing what I love and hopefully be able to help even more people in our area. It is not just about the uniforms, it is the people.

And let’s face it, when you have kids at school sometimes you can do with all the help you can get!


About Joan...

So Joan, how would you describe yourself?

Jack/Joan of all trades, master of none!

I am sure I don’t agree!  So, how long have uniforms been on your radar?

When Avondale School changed to their current uniform 20 years ago, suppliers had to be found, stock purchased, and they needed a place for parents to purchase them.  I established the uniform shop at the school and ran it as a volunteer.

You have done a lot of volunteering over the years.  What is your motivation?

I had four children of my own and now have 10 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  They all attended local schools and I wanted to become involved.  There are so many ways of adding value to a school, and at the end of the day it is our kids that reap the benefits.  It makes the school more like a community, it brings people together and provides more opportunities than what the school would normally be able to provide.

A lot of people don’t volunteer for things anymore.  What are your thoughts Joan?  Do you think this is disappointing?

Absolutely.  Volunteering is essential.  It is a way of giving back.  You get to contribute the fun stuff.  You form lifelong friendships, you become part of the process and it makes you feel good.

What do you love about your time selling uniforms?

I love the opportunity to help families and hardworking people.  Over the years I have built up valuable relationships with parents, grandparents, health professionals and tradespeople, as well as suppliers and manufacturers.  I know that what we do can benefit so many more people.  I want to be able to broaden our reach in providing a valuable service to our entire community.

What motivates you about school uniforms in particular?

All kids have to have them.  Brand new is fine if you can afford it and it makes sense, but kids grow and it can become expensive keeping up.  Having the choice of quality pre-loved clothes can be a real budget saver.  I want all kids to look great and be well fitted out in their full school uniform, regardless of how much their family’s income is.

What is your pet hate?

I hate waste.  I hate seeing good food being thrown out.  I hate seeing good clothes being tossed out because we haven’t got anyone to pass them on to, or the time to find someone who needs them, or the skill to do minor repairs.

Why do you think there is a need for a uniform shop in Morisset servicing our local community?

There really aren’t many other options locally.  Work clothes and school uniforms are a necessity and when done well look so smart.  A tailored polo, apron or medical scrubs with a monogrammed logo can make your business stand out.  You would have to travel a distance from our area to find anything like what we offer.

People are also time poor and struggle to make ends meet.  Standard items are not always designed to fit everyone, so having the added benefit of being able to have things altered to fit, holes mended, zippers fixed, hems take up or down, can mean that clothing can be worn a whole lot longer.  

In addition during this Covid time many are finding international purchases unreliable.  We are proud to support local suppliers and provide fast and excellent products for our customers.

Why is being located at the Morisset Square such a good fit?

Yambo Street and the Morisset Square precinct is centrally located for anyone in the community to access.  With larger stores closing down it just makes sense to have someone committed to the local area.  We are so proud of what we offer and I know that lots of people love it too.

Thanks Joan, as always it is lovely chatting to you!